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Inventory system for documents, items, and more

Ever loose something?  Need documents at your fingertips from your PC, Tablet, or Phone?  Well I have a system that will let you have all that. 

Backup system so no need to worry about loss of data.

Secured SSL access between you and the server.

Login to your account and everything is at your fingertips.  You can use or your own domain.

For items, it doesn't matter where you put it, just enter it in the webpage where you put it, then when you need it, search for it.  Pretty simple?  Just do it and it works.

For documents.  Scan it to your pc.  Enter a few key details in the webpage.  My system automatically uploads to the secured website, then access it with any device and pdf application. 

Interested?  Send me an email at 13 at  Cost is on individual basis and on your personal needs.  Customizable as needed.