Custom Websites

by Nick Niquette

Make your website work for you.  From a single page site, to sites that sell, to sites with a vast amounts of information

Why should you have a website?  Well it boils down to this, where do you go when you're looking for something?  If you go to the phonebook you are a dying breed.  The trend is most people search the web either from their desktop computer or their phone.  If your in business and want to be found you must be on the net.

Where to start?  You need a name on the net.  Names are becoming more difficult to acquire as many are selling them for mega profit.  You can read more about getting a name here.

Now that you have a name you need a place to store your website, a host.  Hosting is another story to be continued...

Next is building the site.  Colors, design, graphics and photos, and function.  Do you want a site just to be there or will it do things?

You have your name, host, and webpage or pages.  Next is your listing.  Where do you pop up on google or the current search engine?  This is another story, but the short side is if you're an electrician and someone looks for an electrician, do you want your website to be found on page 50 when someone types in electrician?  I think not.  The term is SEO Search Engine Optimization.  More to come on this.

Sound complicated, well it can be.  I generally build sites one step at a time.  I send you an email with one task to accomplish, when you complete that I send the next task.  We create the site together, one step at a time at your own pace.  I generally can reply daily to questions and answers and my tasks are completed in a few days.

Costs?  Well everything is a-la-carte and you can pay for items as you go and add to the site.

I'm not here to get rich and soak you for a lot of money.  I like working with computers and as you may know building a business takes time and patience.  I'm hoping that with quality websites comes quantity.  Your reference and success helps my goal to succeed.

If you want to learn more or are interested in building a site, contact me at Nick5 at Niquette.com



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