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Single page websites

  • http://www.NickNiquette.com/HomePageLinks.htm is a conglomeration of links I've gathered over the years.  Most people have favorites on several deferent pc's, laptops, Smartphone's, tablets and other devices.  I made my own homepage with everywhere I want to go and made it my default page.  The design includes a set of animated world gifs that rotate.  The background is black with spots to represent a galaxy.  I found this years ago, the site went down so I asked for it.  On the MS Internet explorer the links work as designed.  A bulleted list that you can click for more menu's.  Safari, Google Chrome, and Android refuse to support this option so it doesn't work properly on all platforms.  I use Internet explorer so it works fine for me.  A little trick with colors, notice the scroll bar on the right side of the page, blue with white background. 
  • http://www.LMElectricLLC.com A new site for an electrician friend of mine that started a his own business.  I think Lou was lucky in getting an easy name to remember for his business.  He may pass out business cards with phone numbers on them but by using his company name for the website address, it's easier for people to remember and possibly to contact him.  In his emails he now uses Lou@LMElectricLLC.com which has his website name in it.  Branding.  They may not remember his number, but they may remember LMElectricLLC.com

Five Page Sites

  • http://www.NickNiquette.com/99rally/ This is a site I did back in , well you probably guessed it 1999.  Some features it includes are:  A scrolling marquee, seamless left side menu, and very simple navigation.  The navigate changes colors, The current page name is high lighted in orange, pages you haven't visited are blue, pages you have visited are green and hover over them they change to red. 
  • http://www.CrystalAndJohnMartens.com A long named website, but both popular names and many of the combinations were taken.  Crystal is my daughter and wanted a website for people going to the wedding to be able to go and get information.  Includes engagement photos, information about the church, reception, hotel, a guestbook, and count down timer to the wedding.  There's a story about how they met and the engagement.  Oh yeah a quiz about each of them.
  • http://ArtisticLandscapeRI.com Another popular set of works difficult to shorten up with a dotcom address due to it's popularity.  Popular dot com addresses are difficult and costly to purchase.  This website is simple and to the point, display's what they do and a way for people to reach them.


  • http://www.NickNiquette.com/bikerphotos Although still at NickNiquette.com this is an entire site on it's own.  has it's own color, layout, and navigation scheme.  I personally like the navigation, quick and easy to use.  Some of the photos and pages were setup as far back as 2000 for much larger resolution screens, making them look too small for today's display screens. 
  • http://www.NickNiquette.com/milwaukee Another display of photos, a bit newer, 2003.  A puzzle made from one of the photos.  A strolling display that displays information, fading in and out.  Enter the site and step back to the Matrix background of zero's and ones.  The navigation is quite complex.  I had a lot of photos and back then to display many photos on one page would take too long to download via phone lines.  With today's download speeds I could have fit the entire site on one page.  Try putting the puzzle together.  I liked this photo, as it was taken, some of the people were falling through the fence, not as sturdy as it looked.
  • http://www.NickNiquette.com/bikerphotos/rayandroger 2009, a site created from a standard template. Simple colors and navigation.  Used some of the photos for the top and left side of the site.  The one thing I do want to point out is I can do some photo editing.  If you look on the doctored photos page, the last two photos.  We had a photo of the lighthouse, a photo of the people, but not both.  I had to cut and paste the people in front of the lighthouse.  Then the lighthouse was crooked, I straightened that out.  Some of the people were from Tennessee and I was able to send the photo to their local CVS for printing, where they could pick it up, reading for framing.
  • http://www.RIMotorcycle.com A rather complex site.  The graphics and most of the content were there before I started rebuilding the site.  It's what you don't see that I am most proud of.  Much of it I can't even show you because it has confidential membership information.  Some of the key features are:
    • Store for selling
    • Entry page/system for the events calendar.  Anyone can enter event information for our calendar.  A random, easy to ready, security code is in place to prevent rogue data from being automatically entered.  Data is stored on the website for display on separate page.  An email is sent notifying me when someone makes an entry.  I have a page where I can approve or delete the item.  Once approved the event is automatically added to the calendar and placed in order by date.  Once the date passes the event is removed from the page automatically.  There is an option to preview the event before submitting it for our approval. 
    • Mailing lists, one for members and one for non-members.  Non members subscribe via the website and members are automatically entered onto to our list.  A page allows them to opt out or they can send us an email.  Each month my system checks for expired members and those that have opted out to remove and add members.  There are only 3 people that can send mail to the membership or non members via a single email address.  Keeping the email list private protects our members from spam via my system.

    More to come.

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